Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Victoria's Secret of Lawrenceville -1922

The P.B McCullough store located on the North side of the Square in 1922 wasn't exactly Victoria's Secret but local residents could purchase a wide array of 'underwear' there.

The three corset companies provided residents with that hour glass figure.  The Warner Company, founded by two doctors who wanted to create a healthier corset, manufactured their products in the other Bridgeport Illinois, near Chicago.  Paul Jones Middies with their sailor blouse look  were popular for women's sports or gymnasium  uniforms. Chevy Chase Frocks advertised that their dresses were made especially for school or college girls.

Munsing underwear or union suits (aka longjohns)  were first made in Minnesota in 1887.  With an 1897 appearance in Ladies' Home Journal, the company became the first to place an underwear ad in a national  magazine. While the refinery and oil field workers here probably didn't purchase the product because of the ad, they found long johns a very practical article to wear on cold days.  It was said, that every Monday wash day  in the winter, the long johns of  town, were marshaled in regiments on the clothes lines all over Lawrenceville,  hanging at frozen attention.